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I have recently made a move to the Midlands to take up a Job in Wolverhampton as “Teacher of Computing/E-learning Champion” – more on that to come soon…. I have lots of hopes for the new chapter and one of them is to start to keep up with blogging!   I thought i’d share something (quickly!) and this adds to [...]

Are VLEs a thing of the past?

Are VLEs a thing of the past?
Since starting at the my school I’ve always wanted to make use of the VLE. We currently use frog3, which in the main I find pretty good albeit a bit clunky in places. I have read many blogs where people have suggested that VLEs are on their way out, but the fact is as an ict teacher I use it with at least 1 class each day. It is also us [...]

I LOVE mail merge – Geeky I kno...

After my first year of teaching one of my “resolutions” was to try and be more efficient with my marking. I found that due to students loosing written feedback I had given them and their marksheets I was spending time remarking coursework I had already seen and explaining what my comments meant. As an ICT teacher I am a fan of exc [...]

Return to Blogging & ICT Vocabul...

My blog has been fairly inactive during the last year, this is mainly due to a lack of time! I can confirm that NQT is as difficult as they say it is… I wanted to share an Idea that I have implemented in the last week or so. At Clevedon School where I completed one of my PGCE teaching placements had vocabulary up on the wall in the corr [...]

The first term is over – and i&...

The first term is over – and i’m still here!
At the first term of NQT is always described as being a bit of a roller coaster. I can also that it is a tiring as people say it is and that today has been the first day I have been awake enough to write a blog entry! This is just a snapshot of how things have gone and there is so much more I could write about. How is NQT different to the PGC [...]