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A Blank Canvas! (and news)

I have recently made a move to the Midlands to take up a Job in Wolverhampton as “Teacher of Computing/E-learning Champion” – more on that to come soon…. I have lots of hopes for the new chapter and one of them is to start to keep up with blogging!


I thought i’d share something (quickly!) and this adds to Mark’s post on displays (which has given me some great ideas):, the attached photo shows my ICT room, it has only been an ICT room since I joined the school in January and I have only had it as my room for the last week or so. It was previously a spanish room!


Having taught in there for a week with the blank walls it was very interesting to watch how it had an effect on the students. I came to a few conclusions:

  • Having up-to-date displays in the classroom is really important as it shows the students that you are investing in their learning  in the early stages when taking on a new job.
  • I am used to using my displays to aid differentiation by providing support materials for the less able students in my class and to scaffold the learning by showing level descriptors (to aid discussion and self-assessment) and sample projects to give students inspiration.
  • Students love to see things on the walls that will provoke discussion and questions – and miss it when it isn’t there!

SO here’s to a half term of poster design/searching, laminating, cutting and sticking! (BUT NOT TOO MUCH!) I’m going for quality not quantity. If anyone has anything that they think that is a must-have for any ICT room please send it my way. I’ll post some photos of the results when I return armed with the blu-tac after half term. Have a good rest everyone.

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