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Frog Blog!

So, we launched FrogLearn to the staff at SWB Academy on the first day back after the school holidays. We have started by following advice and results from research by making it an information hub for staff and we will now start to take steps to encourage staff to start building resources in preparation for us launching it to the students in [...]

A Blank Canvas! (and news)

I have recently made a move to the Midlands to take up a Job in Wolverhampton as “Teacher of Computing/E-learning Champion” – more on that to come soon…. I have lots of hopes for the new chapter and one of them is to start to keep up with blogging!   I thought i’d share something (quickly!) and this adds to [...]

Are VLEs a thing of the past?

Are VLEs a thing of the past?
Since starting at the my school I’ve always wanted to make use of the VLE. We currently use frog3, which in the main I find pretty good albeit a bit clunky in places. I have read many blogs where people have suggested that VLEs are on their way out, but the fact is as an ict teacher I use it with at least 1 class each day. It is also us [...]

I LOVE mail merge – Geeky I kno...

After my first year of teaching one of my “resolutions” was to try and be more efficient with my marking. I found that due to students loosing written feedback I had given them and their marksheets I was spending time remarking coursework I had already seen and explaining what my comments meant. As an ICT teacher I am a fan of exc [...]

Return to Blogging & ICT Vocabul...

My blog has been fairly inactive during the last year, this is mainly due to a lack of time! I can confirm that NQT is as difficult as they say it is… I wanted to share an Idea that I have implemented in the last week or so. At Clevedon School where I completed one of my PGCE teaching placements had vocabulary up on the wall in the corr [...]