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I LOVE mail merge – Geeky I kno...

After my first year of teaching one of my “resolutions” was to try and be more efficient with my marking. I found that due to students loosing written feedback I had given them and their marksheets I was spending time remarking coursework I had already seen and explaining what my comments meant. As an ICT teacher I am a fan of exc [...]

Return to Blogging & ICT Vocabul...

My blog has been fairly inactive during the last year, this is mainly due to a lack of time! I can confirm that NQT is as difficult as they say it is… I wanted to share an Idea that I have implemented in the last week or so. At Clevedon School where I completed one of my PGCE teaching placements had vocabulary up on the wall in the corr [...]

Using google forms (a favourite topic...

Using google forms (a favourite topic of mine!)
I thought I’d blog about an activity I have been doing as a plenary with my year 7s and 8s who are making hyperlinked stories in PowerPoint. To achieve a Level 5 they need to have acted on feedback from gained through peer assessment. I set up an embed google form on the VLE (frog) that the students logged into, they then stood up, move [...]

My first week of teaching

My first week of teaching
After 1 week in the classroom I think it’s time for my first blogpost. There is so much I could write about however I have chosen to introduce you to my new best friend. Getting everything organized and written down on paper has been my priority this week as there has been so much to take in and I have often found myself forgetting thin [...]