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My first week of teaching

After 1 week in the classroom I think it’s time for my first blogpost. There is so much I could write about however I have chosen to introduce you to my new best friend.

Getting everything organized and written down on paper has been my priority this week as there has been so much to take in and I have often found myself forgetting things. I have used many different tools to assist me with keeping on top of things however the tool I think nobody should be without is Evernote.


A number of people have recommended Evernote to me in the last few months as a productivity tool however I have found that there isn’t much that you can use it for when you’re relaxing in the summer holidays so I didn’t take much notice. However I did have an account set up and was prompted by a newsletter e-mail to give it another try.

Once I had it installed on my laptop and my iPad I started to look at the possible uses of it it as teacher and quickly discovered that it is  bit of a swiss army knife. You can use it to save screengrabs, photos,  webpages and typed notes. You can also attach a variety of file types including .docx, .pptx and .pdf.

The main use I had for it this week was to collate all of the different files, plans and notes for each of my lessons. I have found in the past that classes will not wait for you to hunt around through endless files and folders and Evernote really helps to avoid such a situation. I would be able to have the plan infront of me and the PowerPoint onscreen for the students within about thirty seconds.

Another advantage of Evernote as it syncs between all of your hardware devices you may use. Including android and apple iOS devices. This allowed me to work on lesson plans anywhere where there is Internet access. I have found it particularly useful as I commute to school on the train and it has allowed me to make use of the time to do some school work using the iPad.

This system cuts out the need for memory sticks, e-mails etc. which helps to be keep data safe.


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