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I LOVE mail merge – Geeky I know…

After my first year of teaching one of my “resolutions” was to try and be more efficient with my marking. I found that due to students loosing written feedback I had given them and their marksheets I was spending time remarking coursework I had already seen and explaining what my comments meant.

As an ICT teacher I am a fan of excel spreadsheets (yes I did just say that…) and they are central to my teaching. I now use a spreadsheet when marking coursework. I enter the students written feedback into the spreadsheet along with their current marks and target grades. It is good because I can very quickly find a focus for students if they are struggling with what they need to do to improve.

Once all of the data is present in the spreadsheet I am able to send out their feedback via e-mail. I mail merge these emails in order to allow me to email personalised feedback to students with 2 or 3 mouse clicks.

I also have a spreadsheet setup in numbers on my iPad that I use to enter data if I’m marking somewhere where using a computer isn’t practical.


What are the advantages?

Students are able to be aware of the data you hold about their progress which can really help them to focus on progression especially if they a completing coursework independently. It obviously as a results helps to improve focus on the coursework tasks and improve behaviour.

Further Developments

I am currently trying to setup a system where students set outcomes for their homework using google forms and then receive a reminder of it by email later in the week. The principle of how this will work is very similar to that of the feedback, it will just have a change of input. Watch this space.


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