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The first term is over – and i&...

The first term is over – and i’m still here!
At the first term of NQT is always described as being a bit of a roller coaster. I can also that it is a tiring as people say it is and that today has been the first day I have been awake enough to write a blog entry! This is just a snapshot of how things have gone and there is so much more I could write about. How is NQT different to the PGC [...]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all those who follow my blog! Please check back later in January for more geeky ideas and NQT banter.

Using google forms (a favourite topic...

Using google forms (a favourite topic of mine!)
I thought I’d blog about an activity I have been doing as a plenary with my year 7s and 8s who are making hyperlinked stories in PowerPoint. To achieve a Level 5 they need to have acted on feedback from gained through peer assessment. I set up an embed google form on the VLE (frog) that the students logged into, they then stood up, move [...]

Teachmeet Lambeth

Teachmeet Lambeth
Had a brilliant evening at teachmeet lambeth this evening, and even presented a 2 minute presentation. The slides and notes are available here:My Teachmeet Presentation + notes Above: Video of part one of the teachmeet including my presentation on the use of Twitter for CPD. Part 2 is available here: D [...]

Behaviour Management in The ICT class...

After reading around the TES NQT forums it was clear that on of the hottest topics for NQTs at the moment is behaviour management. Indeed it is something I regularly find myself thinking about and often feeling anxious about. I’ve had lots of behaviour management tips from many people over the last year on the PGCE and it’s now ti [...]