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My blog has been fairly inactive during the last year, this is mainly due to a lack of time! I can confirm that NQT is as difficult as they say it is…

I wanted to share an Idea that I have implemented in the last week or so. At Clevedon School where I completed one of my PGCE teaching placements had vocabulary up on the wall in the corridors outside the ICT rooms.

In my department meeting we were discussing ways we could support literacy in the department and I remembered the words and decided to put some up on the wall in my classroom. I am really pleased with how interested the students have been in them. There have been some “ah-hah” moments when students have said “so that’s what that stands for!” I have referred to the wall every day since it was put up and I think it will be an invaluable resource for my students. They also help students to when they find words difficult to spell.

I am hoping to start making regular blog posts so keep an idea on my twitter feed for the next post!

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